Nebula Owl Hybrid Case for iPhone - Black Case


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Nebula Owl

  • How does it feel? Whats the finish? - The design is textured. Its still got a smooth feel but its not glossy. So no fingerprints will be visible. 

  • Two Layers - Be confident when you drop your phone. The outer layer is a ABS plastic and the inner layer is TPE. TPE is the shock absorbing material that will significantly decrease broken screens. Youll think of us when you drop your phone and its safe.

  • How bulky is it -  From front to back its about a 1/2 inch thick. So itll fit in your pocket. Dont own a ruler? Too lazy to measure? Its about the thickness of 7 US nickles. (your probably wondering how many Bitcoins that is?) 

  • Where is the design made? - With so many things going overseas, this one's made right here at home in sunny SoCal.

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