Mission Statement 
At Unnito, we believe people want to express themselves in all aspects of they're attire. We only offer products that have the highest standard of quality and originality. Our designs have been, and always will be made in California. We know you want VALUE in a case or accessory and we strive to bring that to you. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.  

Why we exist 

We are a small group of motivated professionals. Back in 2004, Nate saw a lack of variety in accessory designs. Many people wanted more options that expressed who they are. Fast forward to 2018, he's created thousands of designs specifically made from customers requests and interests. 

Why we're the best! 
We are the only company that offers USA made designs on quality made products. We offer a 1 year warranty on most products and will correct any defect or imperfection. We are human of course and do make mistakes every once in a while but will address any inaccuracy as a top priority.

What we offer 
We offer accessories "designed for the fearless". The fearless are those not afraid to stand out and express themselves, be unique and bold. We have an ever expanding folder of designs and products that are always improving.  

Nate T. nate@unnito.com 
Nate's designed all the graphics you see on the site. He's designed 99% off all the case designs. Even designed the CardTender case from concept to production. He is hugely involved in Unnito's social media, and our other graphic material. 

Production, Marty O. marty@unnito.com 
Marty runs all of our production department. Many of our cases and items are made to order, so when you order it, a lot of times, he will make it shortly after. He's the man on the back end working diligently to bring you the item's your order quickly. Hes also a hugely popular graphics brand. Check him out at drasticgrafix.com.  

Marketing, Ana P. ana@unnito.com 
Ana brings a creative approach to our marketing. She is the main decision maker in our social media advertising. Her fashion and inspiration can be seen site-wide. 

Hit us up!
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Email: info@unnito.com
Phone number and txt: 949-506-9931
Facebook: facebook.com/UnnitoUS
IG: instagram.com/unnitocases