• Video Case review from Christine Kobzeff

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    Christine Kozeff, a hugely popular youtuber was so kind enough to review some of our cases.

    We sent her a
    Liquid glitter case for the iPhone 6
    CardTender for iPhone 6
    Stone Marble Case for iPhone 6  

    Heres her video review.


    Make sure you check out her channel. Shes got some really good stuff there.
    Heres her channel link:


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  • New Marble Cases for the iPhone

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    Marble has always been seen as elegant and classy. Now that you can get a case with basically anything on it, including tons of marble designs, its hard to know which design to come out with next. So were asking you guys? 

    Which is your favorite?

      Marble Blue Magenta

    Marble Blue Gold

    Marble Stone

    Marble Gold

    Neon Waves

    Marble Dream

    Marble Slate

    Marble Rush

    Marble Violet

    Marble Black Gold

    Marble Silver

    Marble Candy

    Natural Marble

    Marble Ocean


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  • Perfect gifts for your best friend

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    Remember that Valentine's day is not only about celebrating your significant other is about celebrating the love around you and those who give their love to you! So even if you are celebrating valentine's day with your significant other remember to show love to your best friend. We compile a list of gift ideas to give your best friend. Check them out 


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  • Marble + Glitter

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    Hey babes,

    We are so excited to introduce these two new cases to our line! We wanted to combine two of our favorite things glitter and marble and bring them together to create a beautiful case. The added geometric design gives it an edgy edge. In this crowded marketplace, we are aiming to create beautiful and unique designs for you guys so you can rock a case that nobody else has! 


    We are completely in love with the final design of our cases! Take a look!


    We honestly hope you love our new cases! 

    Remember to stay tuned for new releases!

    Become a Unnito babe follow us on the gram and tag us with your phone cases. 

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  • Glitter is the new black.

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    Hey Babes,

    Who doesn’t love glitter, right?
    We were inspired by glitter so much that we decided to introduce some new phone cases to our line. For our glitter collection, we wanted to create some staple cases for your phone case collection. These cases are simple but with enough character to take your outfit to the next level! Our first collection of our glitter cases ( psst, there will be more)  came to life after browsing the internet and finding beautiful photography just like this one.

    Our glitter cases bring to life the fun but yet mesmerizing look of glitter.  We focused on three color waves: Silver, Pink, and Blue! This is not the end of our glitter collection either; there will be more glitter designs, stay tuned!

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