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Are you in denial? 

Top 10 signs your a hot mess

  1. Your room is a mess. Always. You try to convince yourself that you're not because of its just clothes nothing else although you know there a couple of cups laying around there.
  2. You are always running around everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. 
  3. Your car is a walking closet (rather driving closet) since you're always running around everywhere. You may never know when you will need those blue heels, a pair of sweats, or that bikini from last summer. Hey, we just never know where we might end up.
  4. You try to always look put together, but sometimes your hair is not having, or your outfit is not on point. So you kinda just give up trying to be like that girl. The one that aways looks perfectly put together.
  5. Your screen is cracked, yes you keep telling yourself you're going to get that beautiful marble case from Unnito but you are the definition of a procrastinator. #shamelessselfpromo
  6.  People think you're a nice girl but since you're always running around. So nobody gets to see your intense road rage.
  7. You always lose something: your keys, phone, wallet, shoes, and your sanity lol. Your friends have to constantly remind you not to forget your stuff or leave it behind.
  8. You are at least 10 minutes late to everything. Class, work, meeting, and even your own funeral. 
  9. You plan everything last minute. Even the last minute of your plan was planned at the last minute.
  10. You somehow have bruises all over your body you don't remember where and how you got them. #crazyfridaynight

Honestly, We all have those days where we just can't seem to get our lives together. But it gets better, I promise!! 
Cheers to hot messes of the world lol.



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