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Okay, so you heard people your whole life telling you to go after what you want, right?  So would you approach a guy first? 

I personally love the idea of approaching a guy first. It's so refreshing and empowering, but yet, I can't see myself ever doing it because of the fear of rejection. I can totally now honestly understand how hard it must be for a guy to approach a girl first. 

I really like the dynamic of a guy approaching me but what if I see a guy that I like?  Shouldn't I approach him instead of waiting on the sidelines? The answer is yes, but I have always been too scared and prideful. For all the women who have approached a guy first, kudos to you!! I don't ever think I will be brave enough to do so.

I just imagine a scenario of me approaching a guy. This is how in my head it would go down.

Me: Awkwardly walks up to target subject

Me: Gets in front of target and looks at him

Target: Looks at me awkwardly 

Me: Heyyyyyyyyyy ( panicking) Ummm..... do you know where the bathroom is?

Target: Points to the huge sign that says "bathroom"

Me: (thinking) I'll never do this ever again

Throughout my short life, I have grown to appreciate the effort it takes for men to approach us. So to all of the men out there kudos to you!! Also, to all my women out there who haven't approached a guy first yet, do it!! Maybe it will be the most liberating thing you will ever do!! Take control of your dating life!!(maybe I will some day)






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    Run out of gas and to get home

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