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So you use google maps? Me too!!! We prefer it over apple maps. 
On September 19, 2012, Apple released its maps service on IOS. Its was and still is the default service for IOS and receive huge criticism about its incorrect directions and ease of use. Initially Google reigned king of the iPhone maps since 2007. In December 2012, Google released its maps app in the App store. Which featured turn by turn navigation. Shortly after its launch, Google Maps was the most popular free application in Apples App Store. And for good reason! Googles maps were light years ahead of Apples at the time. We want you to use Google maps better!
Heres some ways to navigate faster and easier.
Ok go,
1st Tip: Use 3D Touch (Press harder and hold) on the Google Maps icon to quickly navigate to home or work. 
Want to find something else near by without interfering with your navigation?
This ones for you.
2nd tip: How to Add a stop to your route navigation
First search a destination, press directions. 
Press the magnifying glass in the top right corner.
Add a stop to your route. You can add gas, food or a custom search.
Tap the green add stop button.
There's a short timer that will automatically add the stop also.
Select your route detour by tapping the place's text box.

Your route now has a detour. Tap re-center if needed. 
Bonus tip: to zoom out with one hand, tap twice hold and slide up.
Slide down to zoom in.
You now can find a quick bite to eat or coffee without re-navigating to your last destination stop. 


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