• Free Pop stands!

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    Who doesnt like free? I mean its my favorite price. We are giving away pop stands! Its easy to get too. You do have to purchase a case though so be prepared to do that. If you already did purchase a case or want all the info then go here

    What is a Pop Stand? 

    A Pop Stand is the latest in phone and tablet accessories. Compatible with almost any mobile device, it will transform the way you handle your phone. 

    Pop it out and get a grip on your phone. Handle your phone with one hand, even completely face down. Your phone will never slip out of your hand again. Go ahead take a ton of selfies!

    Use it as a stand. Pop it out and enjoy your videos on a table in landscape,  without holding the phone. 

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  • I ran out of gas without any card or cash. My survival story....

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    So I have always been that girl that never puts gas in her car. I always wait until the very last minute to put gas and never actually fill up my tank. That means two things; I'm constantly going to gas stations and I'm always close to empty. I know I consistently sabotage myself and never learned my lesson until a few days ago. 

    So I tend to commute a lot to go to work and school. On my commute, there's a big stretch in which there are no gas stations or anything for that matter. The smart thing to do for any driver is to check to see if you have enough gas to make it home, which I never did. I would say that maybe at least once a week I would be sitting in traffic begging my car to make it to the nearest gas station and swearing that I wouldn't do it again.  But each week  like clockwork I was in the same position.

    Well, I have learned my lesson the hard way.

    I was on my way to work when I realized that I had a quarter of a tank left, but I told myself I would make it. Keep in mind my work is 40-50 minutes away.  I made it to work with the gas needle just above E.

    So I told myself  I would just fill up after work. 

    After work, I completely forgot about putting gas in my car, of course.

    As I was driving I realized that I was on E and I was about to enter the stretch that I had mention before where there are no gas stations.  

    At this point, I decided to turn around and look for a gas station before continuing with my trip. I was pretty proud of myself, I felt like such a responsible adult. I smiled at myself thinking how I had escaped from being stressed out on the freeway trying to make it to the nearest gas station. I was finally a responsible member of society.

    I pulled up to a gas station with the gas needle just touching the "E". It was then when I realized that I was screwed. I FORGOT MY DEBIT CARD AT HOME!!!!

    I viciously started to look for money in my car. I found a total of $1.50. 

    I honestly thought of walking into the convince store and asking to put $1.50 on pump number 6, lol.  I didn't know what to do. A $1.50 was not going to be enough to make it home. I wouldn't even have made it out of the gas station. I was desperate, I honestly thought about asking someone for gas money but I just could never see myself doing that. 

    I sat in my car reflecting on my adulthood and realized that nobody told me that adulthood would be this frustrating. I promise myself from then on to fill up my car with gas and stop only putting, $10-$20 at a time.

    Then I realized that I had a phone! Maybe I could send the worker from the convenience store gas money though the Ca$h app or Venmo.  I know, I soon realized that maybe this wasn't going to be possible.

    Then, it came to me. Like a miracle, I have Apple Pay!

    I have never used Apple Pay but I knew of its existence.

    I open the app and for some reason, my card had already been registered, so I might have registered it at some point but never used it. 

    Now the question was..... Does this gas station accept Apple Pay?

    I walked into the convenience store with phone in hand. I was just hoping for the best. I went up to the clerk and asked the magic words... Do you accept Apple Pay? 

    He said, yes!!!!

    I was like "Omg fill it up.... umm nvm can I get $10 on number 6, please "

    I will never learn my lesson. 



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  • Should girls approach guys first?

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    Okay, so you heard people your whole life telling you to go after what you want, right?  So would you approach a guy first? 

    I personally love the idea of approaching a guy first. It's so refreshing and empowering, but yet, I can't see myself ever doing it because of the fear of rejection. I can totally now honestly understand how hard it must be for a guy to approach a girl first. 

    I really like the dynamic of a guy approaching me but what if I see a guy that I like?  Shouldn't I approach him instead of waiting on the sidelines? The answer is yes, but I have always been too scared and prideful. For all the women who have approached a guy first, kudos to you!! I don't ever think I will be brave enough to do so.

    I just imagine a scenario of me approaching a guy. This is how in my head it would go down.

    Me: Awkwardly walks up to target subject

    Me: Gets in front of target and looks at him

    Target: Looks at me awkwardly 

    Me: Heyyyyyyyyyy ( panicking) Ummm..... do you know where the bathroom is?

    Target: Points to the huge sign that says "bathroom"

    Me: (thinking) I'll never do this ever again

    Throughout my short life, I have grown to appreciate the effort it takes for men to approach us. So to all of the men out there kudos to you!! Also, to all my women out there who haven't approached a guy first yet, do it!! Maybe it will be the most liberating thing you will ever do!! Take control of your dating life!!(maybe I will some day)






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  • Should men pay for your first date?

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    Hey babes,

    I wanted to start a new series here on our site where I can talk about random things in life. We will call this series the Unnito babe narratives.

    So today I wanted to talk about first dates. We all been in them, that awkward moment when you know nothing about this person but you are sitting across from them talking about your life, where you grew up, what do you do for work, etc. But as women one of my biggest questions is... Should they pay for your first date? I personally have a rule that on the 1st date the guy should pay for our dinner and then once the relationship progresses we can split it. I am all about paying my share but is it bad for me to want my date to pay for our first date?

    I personally have a small test that I would put in place on every first date, this is how it would go down. So after dinner, the check would arrive and this very familiar awkward feeling that we all know suddenly becomes present.

    Then I would notice if my date would automatically reach and offer to pay, If he didn't it was for sure a deal breaker. On the other hand, if he got the check then I would proceed to offer to pay for half of it. This is where the test would start. I wanted to see if he would accept my offer or not. I would only go out on a second date with someone is they refuse my offer.

    Why would I do this? My whole life I been somewhat of a hopeless romantic. I relied on finding a guy that would treat me nice. Never realizing that I maybe I was the problem.  It wasn't until recently I came to learn this new secret and it has forever changed my life and the way that I think. People will treat you the way you let them treat you. I know shocker, right. We have heard this saying our whole life but I can completely attest to this and say it's completely true. We all need to understand our value and what we want from our partners and never settle for anything else. Be upfront about what you want, and most importantly KNOW your worth!! Nothing is more attractive than a person that understands who they are and what they want in life. 

     Women, allow yourself to be courted even in a situation as small as this. You can't deny that hint of happiness you feel when you S.O opens the door for you or walks you to your door.  Call me old school but I still believe in chivalry. By no means whatsoever do I expect them to pay for every date, just the first date. I don't believe that this too hard to ask for.

    This ideology does not interfere with the idea of my own independence as a woman. After all, I feel empowered as a woman knowing that if he can't buy me dinner I can damn sure can buy it myself with my own money. But, there won't be a second date lol.


    I think we have to understand that we all have our preferences when it comes to dating and we should all respect that. 

    What do you think, should men ALWAYS pay for the FIRST date?


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  • Cute accessory for iPhone - USB Tassel

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    There so many options when it comes to iPhone accessories. None as cute as these babies.  

    Clip them to your purse or bag. Charge your iPhone or iPad on the go. 4 colors to match any outfit or bag. These pair really well with our power bank charger packs.


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